You’re Right for Saturday Night!

Saturday nights are right for everyone, but everyone might not be right for Saturday night. But we think you are. So we invite you to take up the cause of attending on Saturday nights to make room on Sundays for guests. There are many issues surrounding the question of choosing Saturday over Sunday, so we’ve provided this informative website to help you decide that you’re right for Saturday night!


About Saturday Nights

No more getting up early, fighting with your family, then heading off to pretending like everything’s great at church on Sundays! At least you’re gonna get that delicious Chick-Fil-A chicken for a reward afterwards, right? Nope! Closed on Sunday.

If you’re tired of missing the Cowboy’s kickoff, now there’s another option: Saturday nights! At Frisco East and Frisco West at 5:00 PM every Saturday we invite you and your family to find out that you’re right for Saturday night!

The Issues



Sunday has had a monopoly on church services for years. Saturday night supporters believe that God can move in your life on Saturday too! In America, we believe that monopolies are bad.



On Sunday mornings, most people’s energy levels are low. They rely on hipster coffee to jolt their sluggish brains into activity before the morning message.

On Saturday, you’re already up and ready to go! You’ve had a full day of chores around the house, spending time with family, or just binge-watching Netflix. Your energy will be up and ready to hear God’s truth on Saturday nights!



Many Sunday church goers are trapped in the trappings of the Sunday struggle. Getting your kids up and out of the house on time is a chore. It’s sad that they just don’t know there’s a better life for them here, on Saturday nights.

If your family immigrates to Saturday nights, all your dreams will come true.



Saturday night messages are the ones where John is at his most raw. You get both barrels of his thoughts for the weekend. Saturday night attendees, therefore, leave far more educated than Sunday attendees. It’s science.



Volunteer opportunities and job board

As more people move to Saturday nights, there will be more jobs available to serve. Jobs for watching kids. Jobs for serving sweet tea. Jobs for holding doors for little old ladies and saying hi to people as they come in the building.



It’s fact that the average person needs about 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Attending church on Saturday nights allows you to sleep in on Sundays, which is good for your health..and we care about that. Boom, healthcare.

Spread the Word

Help us tell others about the benefits of Saturday night services.

Pick up your Saturday Night sticker this weekend at the info center!